As I shopped online for my kids things for school I stumbled some of these great things that I didn’t know existed on this planet! lol! Call me a fool or a stupid person but back in my day, we didn’t have these things to play around.

#1 – Mrs Potts Ceramic Tea Set

My wife is a big fan of the Beauty and the Beast. In fact, she was so hyped that the movie version is coming soon. While shopping for a coffee maker, this cutesy tea pot set appears out of nowhere and my wife, who is browsing with me, saw them immediately. Here is the picture of the teapot:

It is actually a great set, you can use it or you can just display it. If you’re also a big fan of Beauty and The Beast I suggest that you get it! It only costs $60 on Aliexpress.

#2 – A Graphing Calculator

Yeah, I know that this kind of calculator existed during my school year. But I can’t believe that they are still making this expensive but powerful calculator. In fact, one of my son Kahlil, needs this for his calculus and engineering subjects. That is why I bought only the best graphing calculator, you can see it here.

If you’re curious, I ordered the TI-Nspire CX CAS for him. It is powerful and so darn expensive! But I hoped it lives up to our expectations and perform really well during my son’s examinations. But in all fairness, it has lots of good reviews on Amazon and people loved them so much despite its hefty price.

#3 – Got Selfie? The Selfie Shoes!

Nowadays, people(specially girls) love taking their selfies whenever and wherever they are. MizMooz, invented the “Selfie Shoes” so they can easily take a selfie without extending their arms, but in this case they will need to extend their legs to be able to do a selfie. LOL!

#4 – Hex Tie

Last on this list is this awesome looking hex tie. It looked so cool and elegant and it is perfect with any suits! I feel like I’m Tony Starks while wearing this thing.


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