Blog Post #1 – The Vet

My First Blog Post – The Vet

This was actually his second trip to the vet. Our vet’s office provides a lot of stimulation for a dog. It’s not the average practice that you see in the big city. Oh, no. If you want to be a small town vet, you see everything. We’ve had to wait on our vet while he performed a necropsy on a cow.

He keeps an African Grey Parrot and one other short-tailed green parrot in his office. His technicians had a pretty little dun mare in the chute when we pulled up, floating her teeth. While we were checking out, a man brought in some Alpaca manure samples for them to test.

Plus, there are the always-present clinic cats (three or four of them who nap on top of the printer or chase mice in the attached stable) and other dogs coming to visit the doctor. There’s always something interesting to the dogs at the vet’s office.

Fezzik the Lab and The Dogs in the Office

On Saturday, there was a pretty collie mix, four chihuahuas, and two pit bulls. Now, Fezzik instigates play by lunging at his target. Guess who he wanted to play with?  Not the shy collie or the little yappy dogs. Nope, he wanted to play with the big pit bull who was looking at him like he was lunch.

Me, personally, I think pit bulls get a bad rap as a breed. Every breed has bad seeds, pit bulls and St. Bernards are no different. What is different seems to be the kind of owner that is attracted to the pit bull versus the Saint. These owners didn’t have control of their dog.

It could have been ugly, but Fezzik decided to lie down between me and Dean and leave the pit bull alone. We saw Dr. Price rather than our usual vet, Dr. Walla. I’d only ever seen Dr. Price when our cats were sick, so I had no idea how much of a dog person she was.

Needless to say, Fezzik has a new friend in Dr. Price. He enjoyed the pettings so much, he didn’t mind when she squirted medicine (bordatella vaccine) in his nose. As of Saturday, he’s good to go for puppy kindergarten which starts on Tuesday. He weighed in at 18.3 lbs, which is a little under weight, so we’re upping his food intake.

She recommended four meals a day, but that’s not feasible for us since we both work 40 minutes to an hour away.  We did find a solution at…Petco. Since there’s no way we can get home during lunch to feed him, we got him a food-dispensing toy.

He also got a new tire-and-rope toy, a booda bone, a nylabone (which he loves), and new large breed puppy treats. Saturday was a rescue adoption day at the College Station Petco, so there were a lot of puppies on hand for him to meet. Most of them were terriers of some kind, maybe some catahoula dogs.

The Goodle???

One couple had a Golden Retriever/Poodle mix (is that a “Goodle?”) that was about sixteen weeks old. Imagine an ecru-colored standard poodle that someone has taken a flat iron to. Cute little dog, and reduced shedding. Let me expand on my earlier comment about pit bulls.

I’ve met several, and the one we met on Saturday is the only one that I thought might become aggressive. Pit bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepherds… They’ve developed reputations for being dangerous, which equates to, “bad ass,” and therefore attracts owners who want a dog who is, “bad ass.”

Next thing you know, a dog that was once considered so gentle that parents left their toddlers to its guardianship (the various breeds that make up the type known as, “pit bulls”) are now being bred for killer instinct. It’s a huge disservice to dogs in general. Thank God no one saw Cujo and decided that an insane, rabid Saint Bernard would be a good dog to guard their meth lab.

The Massive Cane Corso

Or, maybe they did and it just didn’t catch on.  I guess my point is: it’s not the dogs, it’s the humans who are the problem. I told you that to tell you this…After carrying on a conversation about the hypo-allergenic qualities of the poodle, we ran into the couple who made a point of telling us about their friend who breeds Cane Corsos.

Based on his description of the dogs being nearly 200 lbs, they sound more like Neapolitan Mastiffs, though. Either way, the guy seemed very intent on selling us on, “great guard dogs! They’ll love your family but attack anyone who comes near your house.”  He’s telling us this as he’s scratching Fezzik under the chin.

Um, dude… what is it about owning one of the biggest, goofiest, lick-you-to-death breeds on the planet that made you think we want a dog that’s going to rip my family and friends to shreds if they set foot on our property?  He actually told us that’s what his friend had bred and raised the dogs to do.

Is that what sells?  See my earlier comment about breeds getting a bad rap and the owners who gravitate towards those breeds. Fortunately, he was considerate enough to not bring one of those dogs to the store with him.

Needless to say, we did not request his friend’s contact information. We checked out and put Fezzik back in the truck.  Between the vet and Petco we stopped for lunch and ordered him a water, no ice. He finished it off, then took a nap on the back seat all the way home. Big day for a little big dog.

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